It wouldn't be the first time that a Government has been accused of creating a 'Nanny state' but the ruling party's latest housing White Paper backs the idea of moving older people out of their homes if they are deemed too big for their needs.

The notion is truly divisive. On the one hand you have couples wishing to have children and families looking for more room thwarted by a lack of three and four bedroom homes for sale.

On the other hand you have those in their 50s, 60s, 70s and even 80s living healthier lives for longer, working beyond the set retirement age and choosing to stay in a large property as long they like. 

The frustration the Government has recognised lies with 'empty nesters' - older people whose own children have flown the nest but choose to reside in a family-sized property. The White Paper does allude to incentives to encourage empty nesters to downsize but isn't that buying people off?

The Paper also sets out plans to encourage more house building and hopefully there will be more family homes - and perhaps retirement villages and bungalows - in the future planning mix but the question remains: is it morally wrong to force someone to sell a home they own just because they don't use all of the space or bedrooms?