The old adage location, location, location has never been disputed when it comes to property and now a new survey sheds light on exactly what a location should contain to make it desirable.

A survey by YouGov has revealed the 9 most important facilities home movers want within walking distance of a new property, and then ranked them according to importance. The results also include specific statistics for London......which might raise an eyebrow or two.

Although it won't surprise you that 68% of home moving Londoners want a Tube or train station close by, with being near a supermarket a close second (63%), 31% of those moving in the capital want a Post Office within walking distance. This choice beat other amenities, including schools, coffee shops, pubs and banks.

"Public transport and a supermarket remain must-haves among home movers but we're surprised at how poorly pubs and schools ranked," comments Miles Roberts, the Sales Manager at North West London estate agents London Residential. "The good news is London continues to provide an abundance of facilities in every neighbourhood, meeting the needs of even the most fervent letter writers and stamp buyers."