Taking a photograph used to entail loading a fiddly roll of film, having just one chance to capture the moment then waiting two weeks for the photos to be delivered back to the chemist.

While this nostalgic process was the norm 25 years ago, we're living in the 'instant gratification' age, where digital photos can be retaken, edited and automatically uploaded online in a matter of seconds, and serve as much as marketing tools as they do memory makers.

One thing that hasn't changed is Camden's photogenic quality that has seen its distinctive buildings, street scenes and architecture feature in tourist guides, lifestyle magazines and property brochures.

It's good to see the trend lives on, this time on photo sharing site Instagram. Camden eateries Cafe Loren and Mr Piadina both made the list of the top 10 most photographed restaurants in London, while the Camden Town Brewery was the second most photographed bar in the capital in the past year, amassing 5,692 posts.

Why not capture Camden for yourself, whether you're armed with an iPhone or a Leica?