It can't have escaped your notice that we're in the middle of a particularly cold snap, where temperatures are struggling to stay above zero. 

Inclement weather - whether it's frost, snow, high winds or excessive rain - can play havoc with your home, and it's not just an issue for those settled in a property. The Energy Saving Trust has compiled the top 9 annoyances among UK homeowners - with cold draughts in rooms, damp or mould, and rooms that are hard to keep warm all featuring.

These faults can all be amplified in cold or wet weather and they should ring alarm bells with anyone thinking of selling their home. 

If these points are considered niggles in a property someone is currently living in, it's almost certain that home buyers will be looking for a property free of these annoyances when they move. Our advice is to get them fixed or eradicated before you consider putting your property on the market.