How many homeowners are packing away the Christmas decorations and decluttering ahead of a property sale?

Anyone in London with intentions of moving home this year will be tuned into the property price predictions for 2017, with a gaggle of industry experts keen to share their speculative thoughts. 

As ever, there are polarised views. Some are saying property prices will rise, albeit conservatively, while other are predicting a drop in values.

After years of soaring property prices, especially in London, 2017 might just be the year we see a steadying of the ship. How this is communicated to potential buyers is an interesting area.

Estate agents will be conscious of building sales momentum throughout 2017, especially as the post-referendum landscape remains unclear. Managing the expectations of vendors will be a big area to address, whilst giving hope to buyers will be equally as important.

Many sellers still on the market after trying unsuccessfully to sell their property in 2016 may want to consider a price reduction while those new to the market in 2017 will need expert advice from local agents as to where they pitch their property's price.

The phrase 'realistically priced' has been mentioned and it's a clever way of masquerading a value that's not as high as it might previously have been but appealing enough to make buyers think a purchase is achievable. Deciding just what this 'realistic price' is will be the art in 2017.