Walk around the streets of Camden Town today and you'll be totally immersed in the 'here and now' - at the cutting edge of tech and fashion. Camden has always had a knack for being ahead of the curve - the birthplace of cultures and trends before they become mainstream.

While the captivating street art and pop-up food ventures mirror what's hip now, some may find it hard to transport themselves back to a time when punks ruled Camden's streets, or when rave culture meant everyone wanted to dance the night away at the then abandoned Roundhouse - complete with whistle and tie-die T-shirt.

It wasn't long ago that we posted a Passle on a new photo exhibition at Proud Camden, documenting the punk rock era, and now this feature published by The Guardian explores a number of different movements that have taken root in NW1, spanning the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

While many of the interviewees are nostalgic for their past versions of Camden Town, we think today's 21st century incarnation is vibrant, dynamic and just as creative as decades gone by. The article makes a great read - even if it seems ludicrous that Janet Jackson and Jean Paul Gaultier were Camden Market customers.