Hot on the heels of the new weekend Night Tube is London's first ever Night Czar. The capital's Mayor has announced that Amy Lamé - a comedian, campaigner, broadcaster and DJ - will ensure London's after-dark scene thrives and grows.

Longtime residents of North West London will know Lamé, as she was mayoress of Camden between 2010 and 2011. She has said the first thing she’ll do is go on a fact-finding mission in the bars and clubs of London.

On the surface it sounds like the job of Night Czar is a brilliant role - sample the pubs, bars, restaurants and venues in a world-class city, and get paid for it,  making sure people have vibrant places to party.

There is, however, a more serious side to the role, with the Mayor trusting Lamé to reverse the trend of late-night venues - such as Fabric nightclub - closing down. While it is important to create a thriving 24-hour city for both residents and visitors, London's night economy also contributes £26.3 billion to London’s annual GDP - equivalent to 40% of the UK’s total night time economy - and keeps thousands of people in employment.

If you're out in the Camden borough over the next few months, look out for Lamé and be sure to tell her what you think of North West London's after-hours scene.