What is your favourite aspect of Camden? Is it the amazing street art that graces many of the walls? Is it the eclectic market stalls with their equally as colourful owners? Is it the live music scene, which attracts artists from around the world?

Camden has many facets but almost all of them point back to originality and self-expression. Now  a magazine feature has recognised Camden's giant shop front models, which are an art form all of their own. 

We can't think of a resident or visitor who hasn't noticed the weird and wacky shop fronts that feature oversized 3D models, vivid paint work and intricate patterns. Together they provide a kaleidoscopic backdrop come rain or shine, and give Camden its unique character.

Many of the shop signs are the work of Big Stuff Design, who are fabrication specialists and purveyors of creative solutions. As well as working with Camden businesses for over 15 years, Big Stuff Design has also been commissioned by the likes of Harrods, 20th Century Fox, Disney and Lulu Guiness.

Although the photos in the feature give you a flavour of Camden's more alternative approach to branding, it's no substitute for actually seeing the artistic installations in person. Next time you're out in London, hop on the Northern line and take a tour for yourself.