A brand new attraction is set to open in Camden, offering adults an alternative night out to the already established pubs and clubs. 

Escape Plan Limited are moving into the old Camden Pub on the Curnock Estate in Camden Street, bringing with them a 'lock-in' style escape game, where participants work against the clock solving riddles and answering questions to set themselves free. 

The move is hot on the heels of a similar venture in Kentish Town, which has seen a converted sauna turn into Mission Breakout.

The activity in Camden will have a Word War II theme, with two game rooms - a prisoner-of-war barracks and an RAF bunker, complete with uniformed re-enactors and codes to crack.

Participants - expected to be groups of friends, families and work colleagues - are also encouraged to dress in wartime-style clothing to enhance the experience.

It is hoped the activity will promote more social interaction in the same way paintballing and laser tag has.