We can't argue with the fact that more new homes need to be built - especially in London - but some people don't want to buy an identikit box that's the same both inside and out as their immediate neighbour (and indistinguishable from the other 10, 20 or even 100 properties on their development).

While buying a brand new home has many perks - energy efficiency, the 'newness' aspect, integrated technology, structural warranties, less maintenance and the latest home appliances - purchasing from a house builder is seen as a less creative home buying option.

Now there's a new trend in home interiors called 'extreme customisation' and its almost unique to new build properties. From early-bird buyers who ask builders to move walls (or avoid building them in the first place) to new owners who move in and radically modify their properties with the help of professional designers.

Here at London Residential we believe a newly-built home is a wonderful blank canvass, with the reassurance of structural security, strong foundations and durable fittings.

Next time you think the even proportions, smooth finishes and magnolia walls of a new build are unexciting, think about what these spaces could become with a little imagination!