It was only last week that London Residential posted a Passle on a brilliant new exhibition at Proud Camden, which features stunning photographs celebrating 40 years of punk.

Now iconic bootmaker Dr Martens - whose brand was synonymous with the punk movement in the 1970s and early 1980s, and was worn by Camden-based band Madness - has announced it is re-acquainting itself with the Camden area in a major way.

Having fallen back into mainstream fashion of late (although always remaining popular in sub-culture movements), Dr Martens is re-entering the north west London market with a decision that will create jobs, retail opportunities and provide a new tourist stop in the area.

The brand's arrival will see the creation of a new headquarters, which will see the consolidation of three current offices, a new flagship store with a customisation section, music events thanks to a new in-house partnership with music amplification specialists Marshall, and virtual tours of the factory - all based at the Stables Market.