Are you sat indoors wrapped up in layers - complete with scarf, hat and fingerless gloves - while working from home or browsing the internet for Christmas presents?

If you are, you either really feel the cold or you are in the 12% of people who would forgo heating their home in favour of a broadband connection.

A study by GoCompare Broadband found 1 in 10 of us are willing to sacrifice heating our abode for up to a month if it meant we received an internet connection, while 1 in 8 said they'd rather be online than heat their home for a week.

The headlines may be rooted in anecdotal speculation but the research did also investigate how important broadband is to homeowners. 

Figures showed that 76% of British adults view broadband as an essential utility, with 20% claiming they wouldn’t buy a house if it had a poor internet connection. This last point is very pertinent when you consider Rightmove is one of many places where home movers can check broadband speeds using any given postcode. 

Our advice for sellers is self diagnose your broadband speed, speak to your provider and if you're not happy with the speed or service, research other options ahead of any property sale.