The phrase 'everything but the kitchen sink' is usually used to describe over zealous packing for a holiday but new research shows the phrase can also be used to describe some tenants' packing when they leave a rental property. It's apparent that a minority see no limit to what they can take when a tenancy has ended.

Figures from one insurer recently showed that 30% of renters believe it is reasonable to take things that don’t belong to them when they move out - and that actually includes the kitchen sink. Other items on the removal list include beds, televisions and even the boiler!

Here at London Residential we believe that a professionally run let shouldn't end this way, and we have a number of safeguards in place to ensure rental properties are handed back to landlords in the same condition they were taken on. If there has been the removal of items, our evidence will allow landlords to deduct the necessary costs from the deposit or claim on their landlord insurance.

Our safeguards include a professional inventory at the beginning of the tenancy agreement, and a check out at the end of the term - both ideally with the tenant present. This way there is clear documentation as to what fixtures and fittings were present at the start and what may have been removed during the course of the tenancy and at the end.

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