Despite best efforts to run a clutter-free home, those with young children will understand the battle that is keeping toys, clothes, arts and crafts under control.

While it's easy to shut a child's bedroom door ignoring what looks like an explosion in Toys R Us in normal circumstances, when it comes to selling your property, every room will be under scrutiny.

Decluttering a child's bedroom - or playroom for that matter - can be a daunting task but it's one worth doing before you enter the selling process.

We suggest any tidying is completed before property marketing photographs are taken and viewings commence. 

The tips in this recommended article will set you on the right path and as North West London estate agents having successfully sold hundreds of properties, we know what potential buyers like to see and what doesn't look good in photographs.

A trip to Ikea for some storage boxes should feature highly on your list but as a bare minimum, make sure people can see the floor, the bed is made and there aren't a pair of yesterday's pants hanging off the light shade!