Just when we though the extent of our political turmoil stopped at the UK High Court ruling saying members of parliament must be given a say in the BREXIT process, along comes a USA presidential election result to send the world into a tailspin.

We've waded through pages and pages of news, speculation and social media memes to quickly find a property-related byproduct of Donald Trump's victory.

It is thought disgruntled Americans looking to leave the United States and investors searching for a more stable investment backdrop are turning to back London - especially the prime market. You'd be correct in thinking that while the BREXIT process makes us Brits jittery, our 'safe haven' status has just got a lot more attractive on a global basis.

As North West London estate agents who have already helped hundreds of American and international families relocate to the capital, it will be interesting to see who is at the other end of the phone and email in the coming weeks.