If you're living and/or working in North West London, we know many of you will have a professional, social or cultural interest in branding. 

Whether you're against a Starbucks moving into Kentish Town or are hyper-aware that you've become an Apple devotee, how a business evolves into a brand and how it presents itself to attract custom is fascinating.

This feature on the 'unbranding' of Camden Market is a brilliant read. The fact that around 100,000 people visit the market every weekend is jaw-dropping, with many keen to sample the quirky and left-field nature of the stalls and their owners, who together have made Camden such a counter-culture attraction since the mid-1970s. 

The market's owners have publicly spoken about their desire to keep the independent heritage and have employed a branding agency to 'unbrand' Camden Market, with the creative team enlisting street artist David Samuel to help with the reinvented brand launch.

Whether the involvement of a branding agency in an exercise to unbrand a place that has survived without a corporate brand is a paradox or a sensible move, we'll leave for you to have a read and decide yourself.