With Halloween just around the corner, it seems ominous that a property story linked to death is causing a stir.

The topic is very divisive. While we've felt pretty comfortable with the practicalities of 'Bank of Mum and Dad' - where parents give financial contributions to help their children buy a property - research shows that there's a more morbid undercurrent 'Banking on the death of Mum and Dad.'

According to a new survey of millennial ‘wannabe homeowners’ by money.co.uk, 16% of those polled are waiting for the death of a loved one before they take their first step onto the property ladder.

While there's no suggestion that children and even grandchildren are wishing ill on their relatives, it's a sad indictment of the current economical climate that a death in the family - and the ensuing inheritance - is perceived to be, for many, the only way they'll ever afford their first property.

But is affordability as gloomy as potential first-time buyers perceive? The answer is a firm no. As this article points out, there are ways and means to get on the housing ladder, even if you're on a budget or struggling to save money. 

Our best advice is to talk to a local estate agent in tandem with an independent financial advisor... you might discover your finances are not as frightening as you think!