The latest Rightmove House Price Index has given a clear picture of the post-BREXIT property market in London.

Published in September, the report showed a reverse in the trend of falling values. In fact, the price of properties coming to market in London during September increased by 1.9% (£11,565). The average asking price in Inner London now stands at £804,642 - a monthly increase of +2.6%. In the Camden Borough, the average asking price is now £1,059,161.

The figures bucked the predicted property trend, with many thinking the post-BREXIT landscape would feature more negativity.

However, while the umbrella statistic for London shows a climb in values, Rightmove's borough-by-borough analysis shows some sharp divides. Kensington & Chelsea - the most expensive borough in London with an average asking price of over £2 million - has seen the price of property coming to market drop by 11.7%. 

Rather than a clear byproduct of the referendum, property experts agree this natural levelling of values is actually a direct result of the change to stamp duty levies earlier in 2016, which made prime property purchases more expensive.

The flip side to the Kensington & Chelsea extreme was charted in Barking and Dagenham - where an average asking price of under £300,000 makes it the cheapest borough in London. Homes for sale here are 11% more expensive to buy now than a year ago.