Much has been written about how to get your home ready for property viewings, with sellers rushing to prep their homes to appeal to the biggest audience. While rules like decluttering, neutralising your decor and getting rid of bad smells still hold true, a new survey has uncovered smaller, odder nuances that could have potential property purchasers running for the hills.

The research commissioned by TBS in conjunction with Dulux Amazing Space involved 2,000 people and posed questions about what they liked and disliked when viewing homes for sale. 

About 60% of respondents admitted they would not be able to see past superficial details, with 45% claiming to have been deterred by a single feature of an otherwise perfect home.

One respondent even said they were convinced not to buy simply because the house had blue floor lights in the kitchen.

What viewers did like were white front doors, rose bushes, neatly mown front lawns, four front-facing windows, space to extend and decent driveways.

The findings reinforce the notion that aesthetics play a massive role in the decision-making process among home buyers. While the research might not have you running to the garden centre to purchase the latest David Austin bloom, at London Residential we know this information prompts sellers to stand back and take a good look at the interior and exterior of a property they're trying to sell.