Are you prepared to embrace a new level of 'Big Brother' monitoring in return for cheaper home insurance?

The idea is being sold by insurance firms as a way of delivering totally bespoke and accurate premiums reflecting risk but it involves a level of scrutiny that echoes George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four novel.

You might know that 'black box' technology is already being used in the car insurance sector to determine good and bad driving, with vehicles voluntarily being fitted with a telematics computer to gather data. Now your home insurance could go up or down in line with somewhat intrusive findings.

Insurers are hoping to tap into security systems to monitor how often a person activates a burglar alarm, while there's even suggestion that insurers place sensors inside properties to detect motion to prove if someone is in the property as much as they claim.

Rightmove, Zoopla and the Land Registry are being implicated, with their vast banks of images and data being utilised to establish how long a person's driveway is. Apparently, a driveway of just under 20 feet in length is optimum in deterring break ins.

Finally, you might have to rein yourself in when it comes to social media. Already there has been a suggestion that landlords and letting agents will scour Facebook and Instagram to profile and vet potential tenants, looking for lifestyle clues and any worrying behavioural traits.

Insurers are also thinking along these lines, by scanning social media to see if you're posting holiday photos and therefore advertising the fact your property is empty.