While ringing a bell and lighting some sage might not be your first port of call when creating a harmonious home, there are other ways to create a feeling of happiness other than putting out a vase of fresh flowers.

We found this guide to getting rid of negative energy inside a property an interesting read. Call it left-field, alternative or even unconventional but the suggestions are worth a shot if you're sensing a feeling of unease in your surroundings.

While decluttering is on the list - a common piece of advice given by estate agents to vendors when they are putting their home up for sale - this article features seven other unusual ways of replacing negative energy with more positive vibes.

Some of the tips make sense - such as removing or repairing broken objects and airing rooms, while others are more unorthodox, such as the careful placement of crystals and the spraying of essential oils.

Why not follow the advice of these psychics, Feng Shui consultants and holistic living experts, and see what happens? Try some out ahead of viewings and in the first few days when you move into a new home.