You've finally done it. Saved enough money for a deposit to buy your very own home or picked up the keys to your first rental property.

You'll soon find that having your own space is liberating but domestic bliss can quickly be shattered. No sooner have you unpacked the boxes before a steady stream of visitors or even house guests descend on you.

As well meaning as they are, having someone encroach on your personal space can be annoying. In fact, house guest etiquette has been the subject of a survey by Anglian Home Improvements. 

The most annoying house guest habits have been revealed as 1.) putting feet on the furniture (59 per cent), 2.) cutting nails (58 per cent) and 3.) taking control of the TV remote (52 per cent). 

Also on the annoyance list were people who walked into the host's house without knocking.  At London Residential, we voted guests who answered their hosts' land line phone high on the list of cheeky!

So, what do you enjoy most about having your own place? Would you ever turn away a house guest who had annoying habits? Or is your door always open? Here at London Residential, we'd love to know.