We challenge you to find a better endorsement proclaiming that property is a good long-term investment.

The Chief Economist from the Bank of England, Andy Haldane no less, says "pensions are too complicated and property is better due to continuously rising prices."

While Haldane acknowledges that pensions should be a better way of saving for your twilight years, he says that property delivers better returns... for now.

The headline-grabbing remarks all hinge on the rate of housebuilding in the UK. At present, it is widely believed that there is an undersupply of new homes coming to market, putting a massive premium on the value of the properties already built. 

Haldane's comments come in the same week that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn pledged to build 1 million mixed-tenure new homes over a five year period, should Labour ever take power. 

Corbyn's rival in the current leadership race - Owen Smith - has said he would build 50,000 homes a year for would-be first-time buyers aged under 30, to be rented at lower than market rent.

The incumbent Conservative government used the carrot of 1 million new homes to be built in England by 2020 as part of its vote-winning manifesto.

For now, Haldane's comments might win over would-be landlords and encourage existing property investors who are sitting on the fence after BREXIT, the change to stamp duty on second homes and the announcement of declining mortgage tax relief.