It's an essential mode of transport for many Londoners and with phase one of the night Tube now successfully launched, the London Underground is shifting into a new era.

Now a Danish design expert called Nille Juul-Sorensen with a job title of 'transport architect' has revealed how he would transform London's Tube after working on other prestigious public transport hubs around the world.

On his list would be better lighting, improved signage, the removal of gates, grime-free materials, sponsored engagement zones, destination-style concourses, pop-up commerce ventures and, shock horror, standing side-by-side while travelling on escalators.

The Tube in rush hour is a unique place - a lack of fresh air, dim tunnels and a fine layer of black dust that whips into the air as a train approaches makes for an unforgettable journey and perhaps Transport for London needs to rethink how we make our subterranean trips. 

Essentially, however, the London Underground represents a fast, cheap and reliable way of criss-crossing the capital city.

If you had to suggest improvements to the Tube, what would they be?