South America is certainly having a moment; with Rio hosting this month’s Olympics it’s palms and pineapples all the way. 

As this interiors commentary shows, there are two ways of “doing” Brazilian - or any - home style and the good news is that neither is disastrous when it comes to selling your property. London Residential remember the days when home improvement TV devoted whole episodes to bringing out the magnolia and denuding properties of personality in the hope of mass appeal. We’re glad those days are gone. 

Now, with intelligent marketing from your estate agent, you’re likely to know your target audience. That’s where clever staging comes in. For a family property for example, strategically placed brights (jungle-print feature wall? Oh go on then!) alongside neutrals can really bring out character, enhancing rather than hampering your property’s sale potential. Bright new cushions or unusual bargains - London Residential hankers after a pineapple cocktail-shaker - are an inexpensive route to making an aspirational property.

Alternatively, structural changes, dark wood cladding, intense foliage outside and a minimal “rough luxe” interior can amount to some spectacular square footage - if you have funds, a visionary architect and a firm grasp of your property’s market appeal. We recommend experienced property developers only for such a bold undertaking, not to mention an estate agent in possession of quality market intelligence.

So ask one of our sales team to share the secret to a gold winning sale. We’ve seen our share of properties in need of pre-viewing rejuvenation and key improvements are always rewarded.