Trends that start in America often travel across the pond to the UK so is it only a matter of time before estate agents use Pokemon Go as a part of their marketing strategy?

Here in the UK, property listings are likely to say if there's a posh supermarket nearby thanks to a phenomenon known as the 'Waitrose effect' - where the right grocery brand can add almost £40,000 to a home's value. 

Meanwhile in America, property listings on Zillow - an equivalent to Rightmove - detail '3 Pokemon Go gyms, 5 Pokestops and a confirmed sighting of Squirrtle' as redeeming features up there with a new roof and hardwood floors. 

One Stateside estate agent even tried to boost visitors to an open house event by advertising he was certain there was a 'pikachu' at the property.

While the whole idea of using Pokeman Go as a marketing tool may seem childish, the makers of the game see a serious revenue stream in its location-based methodology.

Software developer Niantic is already planning to sell locations to business, allowing them to lure clients in and increase foot fall - with restaurants especially interested in this new marketing method. 

Whether this is a serious enough draw for estate agents and property buyers remains to be seen. There is a suggestion that highlighting Pokemon Go features is better suited to rental listings aimed at students and young professionals. Maybe it's just a great PR exercise to raise brand aware and a laugh? 

However, there is also a little niggle that says this new style of viral marketing lodged in augmented reality is a taste of what's to come, and perhaps UK estate agents need to be ahead of the curve. What do you think?