It's a startling figure but we have read that there are over 200 rules, regulations, laws and legislations governing England's buy-to-let sector. The forms to sign, checks to make and hoops to jump through are there to protect both the landlord and the tenant, raising letting industry standards along the way.

Sadly, some landlords inadvertently break the law as they miss a new rule or requirement. It's quite easy to do, as new introductions are not always well publicised and are being added to the property management schedule all the time.

If you're already a landlord or are thinking of taking the plunge into property investment, you might be wondering how it's possible to keep on top of all the laws and associated paperwork, especially if buy-to-let is not your main business.

This is where professional property management comes in. As well as protecting your asset, liaising with tenants on your behalf, collecting rent and marketing your property, a professional property manager will ensure your property is legally compliant at all times.

Here we speak with London Residential's Head of Property Management, Priya Patel, to discover why professional property management has never been so vital (and how it might protect you from appearing in court!).