Everyone's talking about whether we're in or out but rather than the conversation being about BREXIT, we're debating England's prospects in the 2016 UEFA European Championships.

Depending on when you might read this (congratulations or commiserations England), we could be back to a more political-based sparring match, but until the 10th of July we can watch 24 European nations compete to be crowned champions of a continent.*

Naturally, as estate agents, London Residential has been thinking about the property market in countries across Europe and this info graphic gives a quick snap shot as to where it's most expensive to buy. 

If you really like your figures and charts, this detailed European property report from Deloitte makes good half-time reading. The general consensus is that London followed by Paris are the two most costly European cities in which to purchase property.

Speaking of stats and facts, you can keep up with all the passes, possession, speed of players, goalie saves and shots on target at UEFA's dedicated statistics page.

*Has anyone actually confirmed whether, if we vote to leave Europe, England will be eligible to play in the 2020 Euros?