Sunday 10th July is a stand-out date in this year's sporting calendar. While it's the final of football's UEFA Euros 2016, it's also the date of the men's final at Wimbledon.

Wimbledon is as British as they come. There's plenty of queuing (something we excel at); strawberries and cream (28,000 kg of the former served with 7,000 litres of the latter); a strict dress code for players (the All England Championship is the only one of the big four tennis tournaments to stipulate an all-white rule), hoards of flag waving fans (think Union Jacks on Murray Mound) and chatter about the British weather (a wet summer again?).

Another topic Wimbledon brings about in the British public is talk of property prices (but we need little encouragement there). In 2015, tennis legend Boris Becker released his memoir, in which he claimed: ‘People tell me I’ve raised the property prices by living here (Wimbledon), which may or may not be true.’ The former men's final winner lived in a £7 million mansion close to the All England Club in South West London for at least six years.

While there is no concrete evidence that the All England Championship and venue adds value to a property, it's great to speculate and become immersed in the whole Wimbledon atmosphere.

The action starts on 27th June until the finals on 10th July. For some fascinating facts and figures about Wimbledon over the years, visit the dedicated FAQ area of the official website.