Many of us will take a sneaky peek at Buzz Feed when we want a lighthearted look at life, and this article on how NOT to stage your home raised a few laughs in the London Residential offices.

As Kentish Town and Camden Town estate agents, we have seen our fair share of badly presented properties. From sinks full of dirty dishes to unmade beds (and worse), some sellers and tenants overlook the basics of property presentation.

While this series of amusing quips is at the extreme end of staging (and very much from across the pond in America), it does bring into focus how movers can be influenced by the state of a property. 

We find that a thorough declutter, some simple DIY and a 'less is more' attitude is what's needed before you put your property on the market or re-let to new tenants.

Here's London Residential's quick guide to what you SHOULD do when presenting your property:

1. Kitchen work surfaces should be clean and clutter free - only leave out essentials like a kettle and toaster, and check what's lurking in the sink.

2. Bathrooms should be free of mould and limescale, cleared of wet towels and cleaning products, and streamlined when it comes to toiletries.

3. The decor should be neutral, so consider replacing bright or gaudy colours with white or cream.

4. Beds should be made with clean linen, all curtains and blinds should be open, and radiators should be free of drying washing. And you should be able to see the floor!

5. Attend to those little DIY jobs - fix broken drawers, replace cracked tiles and fill in holes in plasterwork.

6. Don't forget outside space - lawns should be mowed, shrubs pruned back and flower beds weeded for a neat look.