If you're thinking about investing in property, you should consider the student lets market. As North West London estate agents, we know there is an almost never-ending supply of student renters in Camden Town and Kentish Town. 

We always hold a list of young undergraduates looking for quality accommodation near London's finest higher education institutions and the number of would-be tenants isn't about to dry up any time soon.

In fact, the latest figures from university admission body UCAS confirms that the number of university applicants is at a record high, showing a 3% increase year on year. In London, the market is being driven by overseas students, who commonly come with parental guarantors, making them exceptionally-sound tenants.

As the featured article suggests, university-provided accommodation is not keeping pace with demand, so student tenants are increasingly turning to the private rental sector for housing. 

If, as a property investor or would-be landlord, you are excited by the prospect of a student let, the are a few dos and don'ts. Take a look at the points in this article - number 3 of dos and number 6 of don'ts are especially important.

London Residential is happy to support you on your journey into student buy-to-let. If you'd like to talk through your options, get in touch today.