It's only fair that as one of the most creative places in London - and maybe even Europe - Camden Town has offices that are nothing short of inspirational.

Step forward the Atrium from the Interchange -  a new co-working space at the heart of Camden Stables, designed specifically to reach out to London's dynamic business community.

Actually, the physical design is by Barr Gazetas Architects, with interiors courtesy of Tom Dixon's Design Research Studio. The internal design has been heavily influenced by co-working - a workplace style that has transcended the realm of start ups to cross over into the mainstream. Big business has quickly caught on to co-working as a way of improving employee engagement and nurturing the creative process, with more interaction and sharing of ideas between floors and departments.

Of Atrium's 84,000 square feet of office space spread over four floors, Interchange expects a range of tenants from the media, arts, tech, retail and design industries, with a mix of new and established names taking space and flourishing under one roof.

The Atrium is an exceptional, fresh addition to the Camden Town scene, and we expect many clients to increasingly be drawn to the area for its emerging employment and office culture.