Maybe it was an article a little lost on some Londoners - people living in a place where owning a car and having a driveway is becoming more of a luxury - but it was interesting, nevertheless, to try and match a selection of cars to a selection of properties.

Although the property-vehicle 'bingo' was the main theme of the feature, it was actually TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp who made the most thought-provoking contribution.

On what marks out one property from another, Allsopp touched on the 'aspiration' aspect of buying a property. She alluded to material possessions that catch the eye and persuade potential buyers that a particular property is for them, hopefully setting them on a path to a more fruitful, stylish lifestyle.

While a luxury car on the drive is the obvious head turner, Allsopp says it's often the more subtle items on display that can impact our subconscious decision making. Are you the kind of buyer to be affected by the types of cookery books lined up in the kitchen? Do the holiday snaps on display leave you awestruck? Perhaps you've spotted a number of interior design classics dotted about the house, evoking a lifestyle you admire?

Next time you view a property, see if your rationale is affected by personal effects or whether you can let you head rule your heart.