What's your view on basements? It appears everyone in London has an opinion. There are no grey areas, however, with residents resolutely in either a pro or against camp.

Basements are nothing new. As highlighted in the article below, carving out spaces at a subterranean level was a pre-occupation in Victorian times. Today's argument is complex and well documented in the national press (Google 'celebrity basements' and you'll find a whole article from The Times on the legal issues surrounding basements belonging to the rich and famous). 

This latest feature from The Guardian goes some way to busting the myths about mega basements in London. Will your whole street cave in? No. Will their be extra noise and disruption? Yes. Will the end result induce feelings of envy - even jealousy? Probably.

London land is precious - there's not much of it going spare so buying adjacent land to expand out isn't always possible. London is also protective of its skyline and natural light, so building up is often thwarted. Digging down has become the method de jour for increasing square footage. The end results are often spectacular and we have sold some amazing properties that have had the addition of a basement.

Where do you stand on the matter? (hopefully not at the bottom of a sink hole).