Just who lives in Camden Town and Kentish Town? While your first thought might be musicians, artists, app developers and media high flyers, a new study has shed light on the occupation of residents across London.

In fact, Camden Town has the highest concentration of professionals working in finance than anywhere else in London. 

As for Kentish Town, it's a hot spot for property professionals. London Residential can vouch for that - as many of our estate agents, lettings experts and property managers live in the same areas as we work.

The study also revealed that it is lawyers who are snapping up properties in the Docklands, while Shoreditch and Dalston are unsurprising favourites among tech sector workers. Journalists are drawn to Notting Hill and Fulham, while marketers are mostly commonly found in Stoke Newington.

Don't despair if you're not a financier or property professional. As a local estate agent, we can comfortably say Camden Town and Kentish Town are actually melting pots of people drawn from a myriad of different professions. They are attracted to North West London for the central location, excellent commuter links and employment opportunities that are right here in the borough.

London Residential is happy to find you a Camden or Kentish Town property to rent or buy, whether you're a graphic designer or dog groomer, chef or coder, student or screenwriter. Just ask for advice and details of a selection of North West London properties.