If you're a lady and living in Camden Town, Kentish Town or Tufnell Park, the WI needs you!  A new branch of the famous Women's Institute has just been set up by Camden Town resident Daisy Drury. The 30-something is typical of the changing demographic of the WI and Daisy is hoping to recruit new members of all ages from across North West London.

The WI has had an image overhaul of late - a revamp that's attracted 40,000 new members and the creation of 150 new groups.

And while you can still learn how to knit or crochet if you desire (they're oh so fashionable skills right now), the activities on offer very much suit the 21st century lady about town. The Camden Town/Kentish Town/Tufnell Park group celebrated its inaugural meeting with gin tasting and cocktail making, to wash down the obligatory slices of home made cake!

Refreshingly, the first meeting took part in a pub rather than a community hall - in the stylish Grafton on Prince of Wales Road in NW5. If you'd like to join, attend the next gathering for a taster or register for an event, check out the group's dedicated Facebook page