The internet is a wonderful thing, allowing us to expand our knowledge and reach billions of people at the click of the button. It has, however, also allowed us to snoop from behind the safety of our front door and there's no greater area of nosiness than property.

A new survey for Direct Line has revealed that more than 19 million Britons have checked the price of someone else's home in the last 12 months alone! We are a nation obsessed with the value of property - be it our family, friends or neighbours. 

More surprisingly, Brits even use online property resources to find out the value of potential and ex partners' houses, as well as the price of homes owned by their colleagues.

While the motivation for people snooping online included interior design inspiration and daydreaming, 26% of those polled were checking the value of their own home. While people will get a rough idea of what their own home might be worth by looking online, it's always best to book a valuation with a local estate agent to get the most accurate figure.