There isn't a towering wind turbine in the garden, nor is the property built of obscure materials such as straw bales. Instead the owners of this Camden property have managed to self build the UK's first passive house and retain all sense of style.

The modest timber-slat exterior is tasteful while the interior and lofty proportions belie the fact that this Camden property is kinder to the environment than almost any other home in Europe. Its triple glazing, exceptional insulation, heat exchange system, underground rainwater tank, green roofs and solar panels illustrate how eco technology can blend into contemporary surroundings.

The construction story is worthy of Grand Designs, with the owners noting how the pre-fabricated timber walls arrived and were quickly erected to form a house in no time.

Is this the future of house building? Cleaner air inside the property than out, fuel bills of less than £9 a month and no compromise on style sure sounds appealing.