You'd be forgiven if you were giving serious thought to investing in property given the number of recent changes but there is one driving factor that continues to make buy-to-let a good bet - tenant demand. 

In London, the thirst for rental accommodation is generally keeping rent levels high. In fact the most recent Rental Index from HomeLet indicates that average rents for new tenancies in London this year are 7.7% higher than the same period in 2015.

There is one lettings area in particular that is incredibly attractive - the student sector. According to a report by JLL, direct investment in the UK student housing market surged over the past two years, rising from under £500 million in 2010, to £3.8 billion over the first half of 2015 and £1.5 billion in London. Despite this, more properties available to student tenants are needed, especially in London. 

We're just entering the peak of student activity in North West London, with undergraduates and their families looking to secure good quality rental accommodation for the next academic year, especially in vibrant areas such as Camden Town and Kentish Town. 

Although many career landlords are considering student accommodation for the attractive returns and rent reliability thanks to parental guarantors, more parents themselves are buying a property for their studious offspring to live in. Once they've graduated, the property is retained by the parent and let over and over to a never-ending supply of undergraduates keen to sample the London lifestyle. 

If you're tempted by buy-to-let and would like more information about the student market, your first port of call should be an agent with a strong reputation in London lettings.