It's been mooted as the answer for London-based professionals looking to raise young children in the countryside but is running two homes in two different locations really what Generation X and the new crop of Millennials want to do?

There comes a point in time when lifestyles diverge and a solution is needed to maintain a healthy equilibrium. For many busy professionals who have forged a career in London, the introduction of children is a milestone event. Torn between working in the capital city for optimum opportunities and raising a family in more bucolic surroundings, the subject of where and how to live becomes the dinner party conversation du jour

The solution for some is to sell one main residence and opt for two properties instead - a smaller pied-a-terre in the capital and a family home in the countryside. The parent working in London uses the first property - often a rented flat - as a base during the week while the other parent runs a larger home in the countryside. The family is reunited on a Friday evening, typically, with the London worker taking an early morning train back to the Big Smoke on Monday mornings.

It's not the answer for every family but it's working for some. Many have been able to use equity earned on a London property to fund such a set-up, buying a much bigger property in the countryside than they could afford in the capital. An interesting way of life that provides food for thought.