Location location location - it's said to be the golden rule of property buying, and there's no hotter location than London. While it's the UK's capital city, an economic powerhouse on the world stage and the epicentre of creativity, one financial expert has questioned whether every property in London is a smart buy.

We read the thoughts of Martin Stewart, the Managing Director of London Money - a financial advice company - and reflected on his comments.

The article is very much about investing in the London property market with a view to earning a good return. Stewart debunks the myth that every property purchase in the capital will make the owner money. While there is some sense in what he writes, there's a bigger issue at heart.

Perhaps we have forgotten the primary reason for buying property - to provide a roof over our heads and to settle in a place we can call home. Have we become pre-occupied with profit? Have we always got one eye on appreciation prospects, or the potential to extend? Is the art of just 'living' lost on our generation?

Here at London Residential we love the excitement of matching a buyer with their perfect property because it's drastically cuts a professional's commute, provides a young couple the space to start a family or finally gives children a garden to play in.

Have a read of the article and see what you think.