Lights, camera, action! These words are usually heard in a dedicated film studio or on location but it's not always the case. You're just as likely to see a director's chair and trademark clapperboard inside someone's house, especially in London.

Offering your home for filming purposes is a novel way of making an income from your property. Location agencies are always on the hunt for interesting dwellings, especially in London where most production companies and actors/presenters are based.  

Apparently period properties with preserved features, retro-looking homes and Scandinavia style interiors are in demand so if you live in North West London and you're happy to share your space with an A-list actor or celebrity chef, what's stopping you?

It's worth noting that any income generated from filming has to be declared for tax purposes and if you're renting a remarkable home, you'd have to seek the landlord's permission before inviting in a film crew. However, renting out your property to a production company is a great way of boosting income and gaining your five minutes of fame.

North West London is bursting with character properties that we're confident location companies would drool over. We've got some fantastic homes for sale and to rent across Camden Town, Kentish town and in the neighbouring areas. Book some property viewings today and perhaps your next home will have star appeal.