Camden has a fantastic reputation for innovative street art and a new piece that locals are talking about hasn't gone unnoticed in the London press.

Emerging street artist PANG was commissioned by the British Red Cross to create a thought-provoking and politically-driven mural centred around a refugee from Syria. The art is designed to raise awareness of the plight of thousands fleeing war-torn countries and it managed to create a stir,  being picked up by the Evening Standard.

Camden is a hot-bed of creativity and street art has made the transition from nuisance graffiti to bona fide skill in recent years, being adopted by the Camden media community as a strategic marketing touch point.

Camden's prolific street art scene can be attributed, in part, to an organisation called Real Art of Street Art (RASA) and the Camden Markets Group, who has given over many of its buildings and hoardings to artists.

Home movers - especially those in creative industries - are still drawn to Camden for its free thinking and artistic vibe. With MTV Europe and Associated Press Television News already part of the neighbourhood, and Camden Town Unlimited and Camden Creative both supporting emerging talent, Camden's future looks bright.